Cross Country

Each winter, we track and maintain cross country trails on our scenic golf courses and on the Section 5 trails system for a wilderness experience.

Members and guests are welcomed to cross-country ski  on these trails, or snowshoe on the very edge of the packed lane.  Snowshoers are requested to please keep off of the groomed tracks.

The X/C trails are not meant for walking on with street shoes, that really makes a mess of the trails for skiers so  Please Do Not Walk on the X/C trails!

Dogs are also not allowed on the Golf course X/C trails for sanitary and conditions quality reasons.  Please do not bring your dog with you on the X/C trails on the Golf Course. 

Section 5 has a dog loop trail where you can off-leash you dog as long as you maintain voice control of your dog at all times.


Click here for trail map

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