The QLLA Review Board (RB) a 11 member, all volunteer, mix of elected and appointed Landowners, has a mandate to ensure conformity with the construction and landscaping requirements of the QLLA Covenants.

The main objective of the RB is to ensure the natural beauty of the Quechee Community consistent with QLLA’s Mission Statement.

The RB has developed The Landowners’ Guide, Construction, Landscaping & Painting in the QLLA Community as a means of defining the various rules, guidelines and criteria for approval of projects. In all cases contacting our Administrator early on in project planning will facilitate timely approval. Essentially any work on the exterior of your home/property will require RB oversight, the nature of the project will determine the extent of the application process/ oversight. Many projects fall under the maintenance category and can be reviewed/accepted quite quickly, while others may require a bit more involvement. Most projects are reviewed, and a decision rendered within two weeks of submission of the application.

The Review Board reviews the following projects which necessitate submission of an application and receipt of written approval prior to beginning work:
• New Construction or additions
• Demolition of structures
• Tree removal, cutting or pruning
• Painting including repainting using the same colors
• Exterior alterations including but not limited to new windows/doors, roof replacement, siding, garage doors, decks, pedestrian doors, etc.
• Exterior lighting
• Landscaping including in-ground pools, fences, stone walls, driveways, excavation, etc.
• Air conditioning, generators, renewable energy devices, fuel tanks, hot tubs, awnings, trash enclosures

For questions regarding the application process, please contact the Review Board Administrator at (802) 299-2105.

Click here for a copy of The Landowners’ Guide, Construction, Landscaping & Painting in the QLLA Community. 

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