Uphill Travel

Uphill Ski Policy

In response to a growing segment of the winter sports community, the Quechee Ski area has developed the following policy towards Uphill skinning and travel in general. 


Uphill skiing when the ski area is open can be very dangerous.  Please use extreme caution and follow the designated uphill route keeping to the very edge of the groomed trail.
Passes are free for QLLA members.

$50 per season pass
$5 per day pass

We do ask that all participants be aware of and follow the rules outlined below so everyone remains safe.


When is uphill travel allowed?

Uphill travel is permitted one hour before ski hill opens, until the area closes

Uphill travel is o.k. on days when ski area is closed unless snowmaking or grooming is in progress

Note:  There are no emergency services when ski area is closed

What do I need?

All Uphillers must have a season Uphill pass (available at Membership services) or a day uphill ticket from the ticket booth

All Uphillers must sign a waiver before accessing the ski hill (at ticket booth or membership services)

Pass or Ticket should be displayed while using the ski hill

Passes are free for QLLA members, (non-members $50/season, $5/day)

Approved Uphill Equipment;
- Skis with skins, Snowshoes, or hiking shoes with traction devices
- Skis must have runaway devices
- Downhill Snowshoers & Hikers must go down the Uphill trail

Brightly colored clothing for visibility & Cell phone in case of emergency

Where can I uphill?

The designated uphill travel route is up the right side of the Face trail & Little Kings
  • When there is enough natural snow, a separate Uphill trail will be groomed to the right of the chairlift along the tree line, which will connect to Little Kings
Uphill travel must be in Single file and on the edge of the trail

Uphill traffic should not stop in places that are not clearly visible from above

Uphill traffic must yield to downhill traffic at all times, downhill has the right of way

Follow the skiers responsibility code and observe all posted signs and warnings

What is prohibited?

Uphill travel in not allowed during snowmaking & grooming operations

No up or downhill travel on closed trails

No stopping where you obstruct the trail or are not visible from above

Please leave your dog at home!

No night uphill travel